To say that Saturday night’s Sweet Peach Soiree was epic would be an understatement.  Last weekend’s event blew past every expectation.  The collective energy shifted the space into a time of healing and transformation.  A special thank you to our volunteers, performers, panelists, vendors, sponsors and supporters who helped make the evening a success.

While the entire night was amazing, here are my 4 favorite moments of the 2016 Sweet Peach Soiree:

1. The scrumptious food and drinks.

Call me biased, but I have never tasted such amazing food as I did on Saturday night.  Catered by Tiny 2 Catering, the decadent menu consisted of: shrimp and fried Cajun grits with a white wine cream sauce, chicken & waffles with peach brandy syrup, smoked salmon & dill garlic cream on baguette, Philly steak on puff pastry, and white peach panna cotta cake with peach brandy caviar.

Tonight was great! What was on the menu: shrimp and fried Cajun grits with a white wine cream sauce, chicken & waffles with peach brandy syrup, smoked Salmon & dill garlic cream on baguette, Philly steak on puff pastry, white peach pana cotta cake with peach brandy caviar & fresh peaches, berries, pineapple sticks, celery carrots & olives. We got great reviews on the flavor and presentation. Tonight was a success! #SweetPeachSoiréeTiny 2 Catering#bookusnow

Posted by Charone Morgan on Saturday, October 15, 2016

2. The talented performers who graced the stage.

Guest Felicia Lilliard, owner of For Her Pleasure Company, says of her experience at the Sweet Peach Soiree, “I was filled with so much love and emotion, laughter, and new friendships. I experienced some of the best spoken word I have heard in my life, beautiful body paint, and AMAZING food. It was such a heartwarming and informative opportunity.”

Check out a clip of show below:

Sweet peach 󾁚 soirée pt.2

Posted by Jocelin Msjojotouboo on Saturday, October 15, 2016

3. The powerful panel.

Our panelists touched on some very hard-hitting topics with grace and humor.  What felt like a private talk between friends turned into an empowering and life-changing conversation that transformed those in attendance.

4. The vagina pinata!

Yes, you read that right.  The highlight of the evening was the giant peach pussy pinata hanging from the ceiling.  Filled with more condoms, lube and candy than the average couple can go through in a year PLUS shots, vibrators and more than $75 in gift certificates, the peach pinata was the perfect ending to a perfect night.


Did you attend the 2016 Sweet Peach Soiree?  Tell us your favorite memories in the comments below.

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Benir Pierre is a Personal Power Coach and owner of Rising Phoenix Abuse Recovery Coaching. She empowers survivors to live life without fear, without apology and without limitation. Benir has been writing since she was a young child and most enjoys blogging, spoken word, and short stories. Born in New Orleans, LA and raised in Seattle, WA, she is a life enthusiast who is most at peace near large bodies of water, with a view of the mountains or when romping around with her two lovable pups, Onyx and Theo.

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