Rising Phoenix Abuse Recovery Coaching is a full-service coaching practice that specializes in empowering survivors to overcome the long-term effects of physical, sexual and psychological abuse through survivor advocacy, support, and educational outreach.  Our vision is to be the premier provider of abuse recovery resources in the United States.  Guided by our founding principles of integrity, compassion and responsibility, our mission is to equip survivors with the necessary tools to live life without fear, without apology and without limitation.

Benir Pierre founded Rising Phoenix in August 2015 after years spent recovering from childhood sexual and physical abuse. Struggling through self-injury and depression on her journey to wholeness, Benir always knew that her story would be used to heal others.  She started Rising Phoenix as a way to help other survivors rise from the pain of their past into a future filled with power and limitless possibilities.  Her signature system is designed to provide strength-based support and maximize client results.  

In addition to signature one-on-one and group coaching programs, Rising Phoenix offers custom crystal healing jewelry, intuitive readings and guided meditations, private workshops and events, speaking engagements, and community outreach.  Contact us below for more information.

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