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Benir Pierre is a Personal Power Coach and owner of Rising Phoenix Abuse Recovery Coaching. She empowers survivors to live life without fear, without apology and without limitation. Benir has been writing since she was a young child and most enjoys blogging, spoken word, and short stories. Born in New Orleans, LA and raised in Seattle, WA, she is a life enthusiast who is most at peace near large bodies of water, with a view of the mountains or when romping around with her two lovable pups, Onyx and Theo.


Long Term Effects of Abuse: Why All Victims Must Die

An in-depth exploration into the long term effects of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse. Abuse is not a singular occurrence, but a trespass that recurs over a lifetime.  While instances of abuse areRead More…


Tisha Campbell, Rape Culture and the Curse of the Victim Shamers

Rape culture is a pervasive disease which is entrenched in our society and steeped in destructive views on gender and sexuality.  In a culture that normalizes abuse through the sexual objectification of women, downplays the lastingRead More…