Learn why 2017 is the best year to manifest your goals + a FREE gift to help get you started.

Years ago, had you told me I’d be writing an article about how to manifest and create reality, I would laugh in your face and think you were crazy! Of course, I knew that “your thoughts create reality” and that you should think positively. But what about when real life happens and thinking positively isn’t enough to change anything?

I was always a “positive realist”. Until I understood that my positive thinking was just a fancy way to pronounce bullshit!

You don’t get what you think.

You get what you FEEL!

It’s not enough to quote affirmations and repeat scriptures if there is no feeling behind it. Everything is energy. Whether consciously or subconsciously, we are creating our reality with every thought, word and action. Once I understood that simple concept, I started to learn how to focus my energy and change my life before my very eyes.

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I have literally manifested thousands of dollars in a matter of hours. I have manifested opportunities, relationships, jobs, cars…all simply by being aware of how I use energy.

That said, any year has the potential to be your best year! But, let’s take a look at why 2017 is an especially great year for you to stop playing small and go SLAY your wildest dreams.

1. Because the number 2017 is pretty dope to begin with!

My favorite numbers are 1 and 7. I’ve always been a numbers nerd. Growing up, I would always pay attention to the symmetry of math and how numbers fit together. Somehow I always just knew the logical answer. Whenever I saw a series of numbers, it was natural for me to add them. As I started to prepare for 2017, I got excited the moment I realized this one thing.

2017 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10, which is broken down to 1 + 0 = 1

The number 1 represents new beginnings, creation, independence, single-mindedness and action. One brings things into alignment and balance. Because 2017 is a one year2017 will be a powerful time for manifestationchange, and opportunity. 

Basically, the universe is ready to respond swiftly to your action. So get to work!

2. Because 2016 is over!

2016 was the equivalent of a “World’s Greatest WTF Moments” compilation video. It was a year of mourning.  Salt poured into still-fresh wounds. Live streams of police brutality flooded social media timelines, we lost some of our greatest legends in film and music. And as a final “sorry, not sorry” and middle fingers up to the world, America elected an overgrown toddler as president.

While we’ll feel the residual effects of last year for many years to come, the truth is…we made it!

Maybe with your fingers barely holding on, but you are here. When you’ve hit rock bottom, things can only get better. 2016 was rock bottom for many.

Since you’ve already proven you have what it takes to go through the fire and come out ablaze, this is the perfect time to use that drive and resilience as motivation to make all the hell you went through worth it.

3. Because I’m going to teach you how to manifest!

I’m like that BFF you didn’t know you needed until years down the line when we can’t figure out how we ever survived before we met one another. Seriously, write it in your calendar so you can thank me later.

At some point in the last couple of years, I have started to attract a community of natural healers and nurturers.  One-by-one, these women have come to me for help reclaiming their personal power so they can better serve their families, friends and clients.

I realized that they all had one thing in common: they were all powerhouses who were not guarding their energy. I had been calling myself the personal power coach since I started my coaching practice years ago, but had no clue what it would come to truly mean.

I developed a signature coaching system to teach clients how to shift the energy, change their mindset and use tools of intention to manifest their goals at lightning speed.

And it worked!

Almost immediately, calls and emails started to pour in from clients telling me about bad bosses being fired, relationships reconciling, debt being eliminated and business thriving. Things that seemed impossible during one session were fully resolved the following week.

While all of my clients are incredible, the truth is that these women are no different than you.

You can manifest just as easily as they have.

And the difference is that I’m going to help you do it absolutely FREE!

For a limited time only, I’m giving away my 5-Day Mastering Manifestation Course at no cost or obligation!

In this power-packed course, you’ll learn the secrets I’ve used to help my clients manifest love, peace, success in business, and over $50,000 cash. With daily lesson plans and action steps, you’ll get the tools you need to stop dreaming and start receiving.


About Benir Pierre

Benir Pierre is a Personal Power Coach and owner of Rising Phoenix Abuse Recovery Coaching. She empowers survivors to live life without fear, without apology and without limitation. Benir has been writing since she was a young child and most enjoys blogging, spoken word, and short stories. Born in New Orleans, LA and raised in Seattle, WA, she is a life enthusiast who is most at peace near large bodies of water, with a view of the mountains or when romping around with her two lovable pups, Onyx and Theo.

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