To say that our most recent Cocktails & Conversation (Sacred Soul Healing: Making Peace with Pain) was amazing doesn’t quite give it the right emphasis.  This event was soul-stirring and life-changing.

As with all Rising Phoenix events, there was delicious food and drinks — and if you didn’t know that RP founder, Benir Pierre, could throw down in the kitchen before you walked in the door, you definitely knew when you left. We ate very well.  On the menu was: jerk chicken wings, stuffed mushrooms (which were devoured before pictures were taken), homemade roasted red pepper hummus, kale salad, fruit platter and cheesecake dip, and the signature Rising Phoenix sangria.

But that’s not what made the evening so memorable.

There’s something that happens when women gather to talk about the things that are unique to us that instantly turns the space sacred. Add in some soul-stirring music, genuine laughter and heartfelt tears — all within the relaxed vibe of a good friend’s home — and you have the potential for amazing things to happen. And amazing things absolutely did happen.

Here are three powerful takeaways from the event and how they were addressed in the most loving way.

When we ignore past trauma, old hurts and emotional wounds,
they don’t simply go away

They may scab over and, with time, even become less tender, but the injury that we don’t see on the exterior instead works itself inward, damaging our spirit, our relationship with Self, and our ability to have healthy relationships with others. If our soul is the essence of life, then these unhealed soul wounds would be anything that prevents us from living life to our fullest potential.

During the event, we discussed some of the things that were preventing us from being our best selves. Granted, this was not the easiest conversation, but we felt safe with each other and in our sacred space. Sharing came easily and peace and relief were ushered in as a result.

Women tend to ignore our own soul wounds

We push them down, brush them away, and move along to other things — namely taking care of everybody else. This is normal in our society. Women are nurturers and caregivers, but who is caring for us? Self-love is a vital component to healing soul wounds, and frankly, that is not an easy thing for some of us.

Benir led us through an exercise that challenged us to acknowledge all the wonderful things about ourselves.  As easy as this sounds, many of us (myself included) are not accustomed to showing self-love and even less accustomed to giving ourselves props for being dope as hell. Understanding our power and speaking it out loud was moving beyond words.

Healing soul wounds begins with recognizing and acknowledging past hurt

Naming the things that don’t serve us anymore and giving ourselves permission to let them go is not easy. In a way, these old wounds have been around so long, we might feel like they are a part of us. They played a role in making us who we are. How DO we let them go?

We did a powerful group exercise that allowed us to make our soul wounds tangible and then dispose of them in the most permanent way.  We literally learned to accept beauty in exchange for our ashes.  It was deep. It was powerful.  And it was the perfect ending to an already amazing night.

So you probably noticed that I haven’t given too many details about the event. That’s because I don’t want to ruin it for the next group of participants. That’s right, we’re doing it again!

Due to overwhelming demand, Sacred Soul Healing: Making Peace With Pain will now be a offered as a signature Rising Phoenix event and is available for private booking.  If you’re looking for a unique bonding experience for your friends and/or family, this is the perfect event for you.  Check out the events page to get booking information to help make your next girl’s night special.

We’ve also created a group coaching call for those who missed the event.  If you’re ready to rise from your past and trade the ashes of your pain for beauty, don’t miss this call!  You’ll learn the tools you need to find lasting healing and real freedom.

Register now to secure your spot and receive the dial-in information.

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